Displaying a list of users from an API with typescript, hooks, and redux-toolkit

I use redux a lot, but i had never really tried redux-toolkit before. It took me a while to overcome the impression “oh look, data flying everywhere” and to recognise the familiar redux patterns — especially in the wildly terse createSlice.

What can I say about it? It’s wonderfully succinct compared to the boilerplate-dense standard redux experience. It’s darn clever to use a Proxy to encapsulate the object in draft state.

However, I am not convinced. Do I really need an opinionated library in case me or someone else in my team decides to slap an api call in a reducer? That would never pass a code review, anyway. And the library is so unconvinced that devs understand immutability that it makes it invisible, encouraging — heck, forcing — us to do something as horrid-looking as


because immutability will be taken care of away by it, out of sight. Well, hmm, no, I suspect it’s not for me; although it may have its place in a team of redux-haters. Who am I to judge? 🙂 I won’t probably use it tho.