kitsch-en.net is a small consultancy firm. We develop web apps, usually for financial applications.

You can ask for a quote by writing at info — at — kitsch-en.net.

kitsch-en.net ltd

Registered Address:

2 Stamford Square, London SW15 2BF

Limited Company Registration Number: 8240156

Limited Company VAT Registration Number: 151 7537 56


  • Hi Barbara,

    Apologies for the out of the blue email. I came across your website and couldn’t help get in touch regarding your specialisation as I’m working with a pure Javascript start-up in London who are offering contract and perm roles to participate in building out their very strong team who are offering an exceptionally high quality Javascript consultancy.

    They’re using all the latest tools and frameworks including Node, Angular, D3 and Backbone.

    Have a look at their site below:


    Unfortunately I haven’t yet got a full spec for the role they’re offering as they’re a brand new client of ours but I’m hoping this will be released either today or tomorrow so I’ll forward it straight onto you.

    Do let me know if you’d be keen to pursue this, on the surface – it seems that this could be a pretty great match for both what you and Mammal are looking for!
    Let me know if you’re interested and when you might be able to have a quick chat (and what the best number to get you on is!)




  • Hi Barbara,

    Hope you’re well!

    I’ve come across your profile on LinkedIn and can see from your experience that you’d be a great fit for a senior JavaScript developer contract that’s just come in. It’s working on a banking project for a close client of mine and I’d be really keen to have a chat with you about the role in more detail. Would you be interested in arranging a time for me to call?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Barbara,

    Are you currently available for consulting work? I am starting a new project and wish to lay out the foundation in bootstrap/angular/node. I have been out of the development loop for some time (whilst managing teams) so am looking for someone to work with me to get the project framework up and running and make sure I am on the right path w/r/t best practices and latest technologies.

    Please email me if you are available/interested.


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