This will be a very short post. Nobody read blogs nowadays. The WP API I was using to make this blog shiny no longer works, and it has now reverted to a sad-looking late ’10s template. I might sort it out in the next few days, but again, I suspect that the audience is… limited, at best.

In any case, in the early Summer I have left a long-running project where I was using rxjs a lot. In order to check if I still remember this library after a very long holiday, I have written this skeletal game:

It’s really nothing special: you have to make all the tiles disappear by clicking on the pair of the same colour. They move, so it gets a bit difficult towards the end, but this isn’t exactly a hard / engaging game. I just wanted to check if the pairing rxjs + @react/rxjs is still familiar to me. I am pleased to say it is.