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A tiny nodejs module for development purposes: it parses json files and creates a server that responds to routes created on the basis of the json data, therefore simulating your real life REST api. It follows the conventions delineated on Wikipedia for Representational State Transfer and, oyez oyez, it’s stateful! So you can post or…

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The bloat. Oh, how it irritates me. I feel quite lonely in this. Yes, we compete over concision, can you write a state machine in 148 characters dude?, we try to keep the footprint of libraries within reasonable boundaries — but then we think nothing of including, dunno, lodash.js because in our project we use…

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Mini pong

I am sure there’s a bazillion ports of Pong out there, but sometimes, as some Zen Master said once, one needs to do their own experience of something — and I had a couple of hours to spare. It’s incredible how quick it is to write a primitive but perfectly playable game in Canvas, and…